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Competences & Expertise

With 175+ Magento projects completed, we invite you to tap into our expert knowledge

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Forms of engagement


Our skills have been refined in 175+ Magento implementations for top brands in different industries and countries. Put the full array of our competences and know-how in management, development, and quality assurance to work for you.

Pricing and timeline

Fixed and detailed scope equals the clarity of fixed price for project-based work has fixed price. Our order lead time is 3-5 business days from the moment a project is confirmed. We can split work in a team of 2-5 people to streamline delivery. If changes to the original technical specifications are needed, amendments to the project's scope and terms are estimated and quoted separately according to customer needs.

Process and communication

Once a project design is available, we clarify feature implementation, ask questions, suggest options, prepare technical specifications, and make a fixed price offer with an itemized, hourly estimate attached. The project is registered with the software platform of the client's choice (such as Jira, Basecamp or your own), and you get daily status reports and weekly demos. Each project is assigned a Project Manager as the main point of contact for the whole process from estimates and requirements clarification, to reports and demos, to the final transfer or live deployment of your product.

When recommended

Fixed priced contracts are best for projects with clear requirements from A to Z that are unlikely to change during development.

Who can use it

Digital and web design agencies, new online businesses, existing stores planning major re-design.


By hiring our Magento developers, you get access to the knowledge- and experience-base of 175+ implemented Magento projects, all quality validated by official Magento certification and Magento ECG code health-checks. A dedicated developer will be assigned to you - just like a regular employee - with 100% availability during usual working hours. Integrate your developer into your working culture or use our development environment, including repositories, version control, collaboration, and knowledge-management software.

Pricing and timeline

Pricing is based on pre-paid monthly or biweekly fees. Your dedicated developer team size can be increased or decreased with 2 weeks' advance notice. While most contracts will involve a full time working arrangment, in certain cases a dedicated developer may be contracted for 2-4 hours per day.

Process and communication

Our developers are well-versed in Waterfall or Scrum frameworks, and use modern development environment tools like Git, SVN, Gerrit, Jenkins, so it will be easy to integrate them into your existing development environment. Alternately, we can provide you with access to our state of the art infrastructure. Communications are structured around your preferences: phone, Skype, or collaboration software; your developer will be available online during agreed working hours.

When recommended

A dedicated developer arrangement is appropriate when you have a constant flow of Magento projects and want to expand your team with certified and experienced professionals, when you have a project of flexible scope, and when you need resources to be immediately available when necessary.

Who can use it

We recommend these engagements for digital agencies that want to expand their team in size and/or expertise. It is also an excellent choice for Magento store owners who have continuous change requests, want quality guarantees, and need a developer on call.


A dedicated team can convert your high-level idea into a working project. Our carefully selected group of developers and project manger(s) will be able to handle complex workflow and convert a concept into a list of functional tasks. Our teams have an established project history and are ready to perform from day one. As you are have 100% control of your team, you can integrate them into your existing infrastructure, or take advantage of our framework, which includes staging servers, repositories, version control, collaboration software and automated testing tools.

Pricing and timeline

Pricing is based on pre-paid monthly or biweekly fees. Your dedicated team size can be increased or decreased with 2 weeks' advance notice. For example, you can add additional developers mid-project and downsize at a later phase. Add a QA person in your final phase, or have a dedicated QA expert create test scenarios from day one.

Process and communication

Management practices are tailored to your preferences. You can assume a daily supervisory role, or rely on our teams' own Scrum framework with weekly sprints, sprint planning meetings and weekly demos. All team members are available for communication during working hours, and your project manager will work closely and proactively with you to make sure the project reaches its planned goals.

When recommended

Dedicated teams work best for clients who do not want to micromanage developer(s), but prefer high-level involvement. Your assigned project manager will analyze tasks, confirm the best implementation, and assign technical-level tasks for the development team. QA will make sure you will get back a flawless project. Dedicated teams also benefit clients who need high availability of resources due to fluctuations of project scope, or require rapid implementation and deployment of changes.

Who can use it

Digital agencies for medium- to large-scale projects and store owners desiring proactive development and monitoring of their store.


Peace of mind and stability for your store. We provide guaranteed response time and quality solutions by certified Magento developers. Our clients value support they can contact by either phone, e-mail, Skype, register in a ticketing system, issue resolution within an expected time frame. There is no subscription fee; pre-pay for the number of hours you expect to use each month.

Pricing and timeline

Support plans start at as low as USD 900 / EUR 670 per month. Contact us for a free consultation on the best support plan for your store.

Process and communication

A dedicated team Certified Magento developers handle all support requests; build a plan around the contact method - phone, e-mail, Skype, ticketing system - that works for your specific needs. Our communication includes status reports when an investigation begins, updates on the process, and notification when the solution is deployed or a link to beta if an issue requires acceptance testing.

When recommended

Right after your shop is launched. Give yourself peace of mind with a team of professionals ready to deliver time sensitive solutions or fix issues should problems arise.

Who can use it

Digital agencies that want support staff available under their brand, store owners.


Producing quality code is not enough. Our success comes from our team's excellence in collaboration, adapting new tools and technologies, and proactive communication.

  • 1

    Developers code locally using version control

    We use PHP Storm, Git, and Bitbucket

  • 2

    To produce quality code, all commits pass code review done by team lead

    Gerrit is used for code review

  • 3

    We like the comfort of consistent code formatting

    Mr. Jenkins runs static code tests for each commit

  • 4

    We organize internal Hackathons to code new things

    Our last Hackathon yielded a better than Enterprise Edition, full page caching alghoritm for speeding up Magento stores

  • 1

    Both PMs and developers are engaged in discovery, scoping, estimating, and planning of a project

    We use both Waterfall and Scrum process frameworks depending on the project

  • 2

    Collaboration software is pivotal in progression from user story to done task

    Projects are run in Jira, Basecamp or customer software, selected on a case by case basis

  • 3

    Project management is done by technical PMs

    When appropriate, PMs have coder experience and understand technical aspects of development

  • 4

    Retrospectives with the whole team are essential

    Cuba bar on Fridays ;)

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CEOAntons Sapriko

What excites me at Scandiweb is our ability to take programmers from beginners to world-class professionals. I love watching former interns become certified Magento developers and teachers for the next bunch of newcomers. Every year our unique training and development model opens new possibilities we never imagined.

Some facts about Antons

Antons' first entrepreneurial experience was washing cars at 11 years of age. He is a Latvian Math Olympiad champion, TOP20 business school graduate, fluent in Spanish, finisher of the Paris Marathon, and father of a little boy.

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